Kelsey Eaton / Creative Director (Art Director)





Beyond "Belonging”

Airbnb wanted to push the limit of what a brand is and what it does. Their mission is to make anyone feel like they "Belong Anywhere". To set themselves apart from the many other brands with a similar mission, Airbnb needs to go beyond one-off social justice campaigns and feel-good manifesto pieces. So, we’ll use brand action as our brand messaging and actually create a world where everyone belongs everywhere.

Role: Conceptual, Art Direction

Agency: R/GA
Client: Airbnb (Pitch-Work)




Share Belonging. (Roll-Out Tactic)

We go back to the beginning of our own belonging. We reward those who first invested in us with their hearts and homes when no one else would, with stock shares before the IPO.




Back to Belonging. (Economic Tactic)

Often times, being homeless can estrange you from your community, the lack of a simple address can mean you may not qualify for the basic things that legitimize you as part of your community. So, Airbnb will help break the cycle of homelessness by sharing our own permanent addresses. We ask our Airbnb hosts to place our pink mailboxes outside their home or property. Each mailbox will receive mail for a homeless person trying to get back on their feet.


Airbnb will also help employ the homeless through, creating a section of the site where hosts can post jobs they need done around their house or sponsored ones within the community.




Belong anywhere. (Environmental Tactic)

We’ll illustrate the future of displacement due to climate change, by constructing homes that can withstand rising waters, desertification, extreme weather, and excess pollution. The properties are bookable with all proceeds going to preventing climate change. In addition to properties that inform and educate, we'll create the goal of making all our properties 100% sustainable. Photos by Hermes Rivera and Drew Coffman.




Stand for Belonging. (Social Tactic)

We inspire and facilitate communities where everyone belongs in a series of culturally relevant stunts. For example, we partner with hosts in Trump Towers all over the globe to make places where anyone in need can stay – refugees, immigrants, homeless, at risk youth, etc.