Kelsey Eaton / Associate Creative Director (Art Director)


In addition to the Breast Cancer Awareness project in my book, I’ve added some more design work below.



A.R. Commerce

eBay wanted to bring an augmented reality feature to their app where users would be able to look up anything they say in the world in the app. The new feature would utilize image recognition and augmented reality to find and serve up products.

Role: Graphic Design, User Experience Design, and Design Direction




A.I. Website

Cylance is a cyber security company that uses artificial intelligence to predict, prevent, and defend its users from a variety of cyber attacks. They were looking for a website refresh that would bring their technology to life. We decided to create a website populated entirely by your conversation with their artificial intelligence.

Role: Graphic Design





Zac Squared was looking for a way to brand and sell their bean to bar chocolate. But, there are so many chocolate brands out there it’s heard to break through the noise on the shelf, and people really don’t understand the difference between all the different types of chocolate. So we decided to put their value prop on the bar and help customers along in the chocolate tasting experience.

Role: Graphic Design, Design Direction, and SquareSpace Web Design

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