Kelsey Eaton / Associate Creative Director (Art Director)


In addition to the Destiny project in my book, I’ve put together some of my other gaming-related projects below.


They range from insanely weird pitch work, to DLC launches, to 🦄🔥.


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Clash Royale

Winning Pitch Work

Clash Royale is a hugely popular mobile game in which you, the king, try to destroy the three castles of your opponent using a set of characters with abilities and stamina before your castles are destroyed. It’s complete with addicting prize chests and hilarious character lore. Supercell, the developer, was looking for an agency to think outside the box to recapture players’ attention in the moments when they aren’t playing the game. They asked to be “blown away” by our thinking, so we, as good little creatives, obliged with a series if super surprising tactics.

Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Pitch Presentation, Phototshop and Animation Magic


Hidden Treasure
In Clash Royale, chests are the ultimate prize. They give you kickass characters, coins to level up, and are completely addictive. So, we’ll bring the thrill of the chest out of the game and into the real world.

First, we’ll use the beloved character lore to kick-off the hunt for the chests.

We OPEN a dark castle storeroom, a door slowly opens and a sliver of light shoots through the gap, illuminating a sparkling Magic Chest sitting in the center of the room. A skeleton mischievously peeks his head in through the open door and sees the chest. The Skeleton then excitedly flings open the door and runs to the middle of the room to try and open the chest, but to no avail. Finally, he gives one last heave but his arms pop off and he goes tumbling backwards into the room’s shelves, which begin to tip and fall like dominos. As the shelves tumble, their contents (spells from the game) go flying and all hell breaks loose. Then, the last standing shelf, the one with the duplication spells, tips over and lands on the chest, causing it to multiply like crazy. As the chests expand more and more THEY SHOOT OUT OF THE TOP OF THE TOWER. We cut to the end card which encourages users to open any and all chests they find in the wild.

Then, it’s up to the players to find the hidden chests out in the world to get the in-game loot within: they appear randomly on the Facebook Live map and need a certain amount of likes to open, and they appear as literal chests on sidewalks, in parks, and on mountains around the world.


Once Upon A Billboard
We expand on the character lore that players and non-players adore with experiential out-of-home ads. In a true kingly fashion we use medieval tapestries as inspiration for the design and Snapchat and Facebook AR filters to bring them to life. They tell cheeky little stories that promote the game and even reveal hidden treasure that viewers can use in-game.


Arena Royale
We’ll bring this small screen battle into a big-time arena where people least expect it. At NBA/NHL halftimes we let two lucky fans have a duel projection mapped on the floor of the arena. The audience can vote for the next move of each player on the Facebook Live stream. Characters from the game provide commentary for the duel on the jumbotron.



Call of Duty


It’s man vs. machine in this first-person shooter game. In the year 2065 warfare is done in the dark shadows by cybernetically enhanced super-soldiers. You are one such soldier, but how far do you go and how do you keep your humanity in such a world? Activision was looking for clever and narrative-relevant ways to announce the new Call of Duty Black Ops III game, using E3 as a launch point.

Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Photoshop Magic


Battle Bot
A new master of Call of Duty arrives on scene and he/she is leveling every player they find. We’ll use moves from the best players in the world to create the ultimate Call of Duty-playing robot and unleash it in the game that’s currently live, Advanced Warfare, ahead of the Black Ops III announcement. Think supercomputer vs. chess master. We’ll complete the persona with a mysterious Twitch page fans can follow and a mechanically-altered VO.

Our bot gains more and more of a following leading up to E3, where it’s true nature is revealed along with the new Black Ops III game.


Hacked Hotel
Everyone needs a hotel for E3. So, for the week of E3, we’ll partner with the major hotels around the LA Convention Center for a little hotel room hack to promote the new game. The night before the expo, the lights simultaneously go out in the hotel rooms of E3er’s, the rooms’ tvs reset to the hotel home screen which is now playing a cryptic video with our bot’s mysterious VO. At the end, you are given a chance to opt-in to an undisclosed experience by visiting the Activision section of the Expo. Those who opt-in get to play a surprise sneak peak of Black Ops III with consoles in their hotel rooms for the rest of the week.



Guitar Hero


In 2015, Activision decided to relaunch a much-loved throwback, Guitar Hero. This time, you’ll get even more of the rockstar experience with accompanying live action video of a screaming audience and bandmates on stage with you while you play. The announcement of the relaunch was to coincide with the most sought-after music festival of them all, Coachella.

Role: Conceptual


Coachella’s inflatable astronaut is the most iconic part of the festival and can be seen at a far distance. So we’ll add our iconic guitar hero axe to him/her in a stunt worthy of your festival-gram.


The Hero’s Stage
Guitar hero will sponsor their very own stage where super-fans and rockstars alike have the opportunity to jam in front of thousands of festival goers.