Kelsey Eaton / Associate Creative Director (Art Director)




Jacquard fabric is made of a conductive thread that allows designers and developers to work together to create interactive fashion and wearables.


Fans love their jerseys. But what if getting dressed for the big game meant something more.



Jacquard Jersey.
We'll create a fan jersey that makes game day seamless - from getting into the game to ordering food to your seat, the jersey does it all.



Using Jacquard's conductive thread, we'll sew an interactive surface into the sleeve of the jersey.

A raised, embroidered ring surrounding the interactive area helps the user navigate the area intuitively.

Finally, a detatchable circut the size of a button is attached to the interior of the jersey to transmit your touch data.  


With simple gestures or scan of the connected area, fans can use the jersey as their ticket to the game or order food to their seat.

Preferences and personal information are predetermined through the app by each fan.