Kelsey Eaton / Associate Creative Director (Art Director)




Milk-Bone wants to be there for that treating moment. But with so many dog treat brands in the market it's hard to stand out on the shelves.


Treating moments are, in way, payment for good behavior or a successful trick. It's a rewarding moment that happens not in stores, but in the real world. 



We'll create a vending machine where your dog pays for treats with a trick. Bringing the treats out of the crowded supermarket aisle and into the treating moment.



The vending machine uses its camera and image recognition to determine your dog successfully performed the trick.  

Then dispenses the treat of your choice.


We'll set up the vending machines around popular dog parks and paths.

Photo by NeOnbrand.


The machine will also dispense Milk-Bone toys and balls
whenever the you post a video or picture of your dog performing the trick.