Kelsey Eaton / Associate Creative Director (Art Director)



Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Check you out.

Sadly, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. So during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we created a highly targeted print ad that urged women (and men) to take a moment to check their breasts out while they’re already checking themselves out in fitting room mirrors. We partnered with boutique clothing stores in San Francisco to place the decals on their mirrors throughout the month of October.

Role: Conceptual, Art Direction, Creative Direction

Seldom Seen



We start with the area in which you should be feeling. It’s not just the breast but up into the underarm as well.

Next, the ad instructs you to use just your fingertips, as they are the most sensitive part of your hands.

And further outlines the patterns in which you should move through the area.